Concept-based pharmacology education workshop – 18-20 July, 2022

Event information When: 18-20 July, 2022Where: Monash University Prato Centre, Palazzo Vaj, Via Pugliesi, 26 59100 Prato, Italia(p: +39 0574 43691 e: Hybrid mode – online workshops to complement Prato in-person events (50 participants online and in-venue have registered) Background and Aims The Core Concepts of Pharmacology Education project has made significant progress overContinue reading “Concept-based pharmacology education workshop – 18-20 July, 2022”

Monash University researchers identify 17 ‘core concepts’ of pharmacology education

Originally published on the Monash Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences news site. A team of Australian and New Zealand pharmacology educators, led by Monash University, have developed a novel criterion-based method to identify the core concepts of pharmacology education. Core concepts are separate to topics, skills and facts. Instead they are fundamental ideas for students toContinue reading “Monash University researchers identify 17 ‘core concepts’ of pharmacology education”